Advantages of Using Sift Clean

  • Quick & easy litter box maintenance.
  • Keeps clumping litter clean and dry.
  • Removes ammonia smells in the home.
  • Saves money by extending life of litter by up to 50%.
  • Easy removal of clumping cat litter.
  • Customized sifting liners eliminate need for sifting trays.
  • Improvement in sanitation & hygiene for cats and owners.
  • No need for scooping cat litter.
  • Available in 4 different sizes for an easy fit.
  • Great for use at home or while traveling.

The Sift Clean Process to Cleaner Cat Litter in Six Steps

Keeping your cat’s litter box clean is vital to maintaining healthy hygiene and sanitation. We’ve made the process easy so that you can save time and prevent any hassles when it comes to changing the litter. The following 6 steps offer quick and easy cleaning:

1)    Remove & Dispose – remove the used cat litter with liner and dispose in trash.

2)    Insert – the entire package of Sift Clean cat litter box liners should be placed into the litter box with solid liner at bottom.

3)    Fill – add your favorite brand of cat litter to box (we recommend clumping litter).

4)    Sift – maintain cat litter freshness, by lifting one of the liners out of box to remove kitty waste. The easy to use liner sifts clean litter back into the litter box.

5)    Clean – Remove sifting liner by lifting the top one so that holes will open and allow clean litter to be sifted back into box. Kitty waste clumps and stays within the dirty liner so it can be easily removed leaving the box clean and sanitary for your cat.

6)    Change – when you reach the bottom Sift Clean liner, it’s time to change the cat litter completely. Lift out the liner to dispose of properly and then replace with a new set of Sift Clean liners and fresh cat litter.

Sized to Fit Your Litter Box

To make Sift Clean liners easily fit into your litter box, they come in 4 different sizes: regular, large, jumbo and hooded. The following chart outlines the maximum cat litter box sizes that may be used with our standard sizes:

Box Depth (up to):

• 4″

• 5″

• 6″

• 7″

Dimensions (up to)

• 22″ x 26″

• 20″ x 24″

• 18″ x 22″

• 16″ x 20″

If your litter box size differs from these dimensions, please contact us for assistance.

Seize the Opportunity

When it comes to healthy living and hygiene, your cat deserves the very best. By choosing Sift Clean liners, you’ll change the way you think about cleaning cat litter. Our liners offer you the ability to:

  • Eliminate scooping cat litter for good,
  • Improve your home’s sanitation and
  • Provide premium care for your four-legged family member.

Our liners are also available in bulk sizing to help you save even more money, and they make the perfect gift for your loved ones to improve the care of their own pets as well.

Take advantage of our All in One Sift Clean special opportunity today. Purchase our affordable bulk special and receive 6 packages of 30 liners in our 36 inch by 40 inch size. All packages include 28 perforated liners with a free bonus of 2 solid liners.